Making Waves: UDC 2014 Student Art Show

Making waves 2014 student art show was filled with still life images, food photos, sculture, painting and ceramics.  Chistopher Prosser’s Animals in hats won Best 3 Dimensional Art and Best in Show.

Strommette Hazel’s Gaze will entrance viewers. A small piece full on portrait of a drawn female figure with hazily gazing almond shaped eyes.  The piece is filled by circular strokes; done by drypoint in Professor Axtman’s intro to printmaking class.


Thomas Browne won best photography for Transitions (self portrait).  Browne is a senior Photography major.  Being his first year entering the student At show, Browne did not expect to win.  At the opening reception he said, “I’m just trying to put my work out. i‘m open to anything as long as I get to be creative, I’m happy.  I didn’t even know we were being judged.” The show also featured two food stills by Browne.


beef steak(by yayo grassi)


Jacob Robinson’s Manufacturing Doubt took the title of Best graphic design; a product of professor Venne’s Directed Study class.  The winning digiprint features just a touch of social commentary from the graphic arts department.

Insert picture

At the center of the gallery is Matthew Albiton’s Kaleidoscope.  A Sheet instulation, with black acrylic paint and covered in crystals. Intro to sculpture/professor Lyn


Insert photo

Hail Mary: Fall from Grace, an acrylic painting of a Mexican style sugar skulled Mary Magdalene made a  reappearance.  Hail Mary was also featured in Graduating Senior, Jim Guiterrez’s own exhibit Downsize D. 

Best drawing went to Brittany Cunningham

Figure study in graphite, figure drawing 1/ professor Nolan

Sukrity karmacharya Baltimore harbor

Intro to painting/professor



Geral Smith


Oil in canvas

Advanced painting/ professor Venne


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