TrendS(pots): Spring 2013


Whether blooming from the ground or in the street, flowers a staple for spring.  But what makes the fun florals of last year different from this year’s stand out floral patterns? The textures, placement and graphic details are what will make your updated floral standout from those of past seasons. This year’s floral prints are as bold and bright as their digital printed counterparts. Flora and fauna inspired juxtaposition and spacious solid backgrounds are a fun twist on a floral print.

An easy way to play up a less trendy, more classic floral print will be adding bold or thin stripes. Also popular but not quite the same this year is the use of pink in spring color pallets.  This spring’s pink is soft and romantic.  Think of 1920’s silhouettes detailed with lace or beading.

Camo is everywhere! The slightly-ahead-of-the-curve dresser may find that they are weaning themselves off of camo. With camo dying down as a wardrobe staple (though for some it will always be classic) replacement with olive and deep kelly green will pair nicely with all the florals and prints you were intending to pair with last year’s camo.
kelly green
olive 2

olive green

90’s grunge and neo hippie flower power coupled with futuristic hologram and see through accessories have also sprung into the circuit. Some may like to play with this as a day look but it definitively shines at night.

90's hologram





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