The Uphill Battle to Ignore Almost Everything


In this consumer based society, I am finding it increasingly difficult to buy things that I feel good about.  If it’s not the poor tasting “organic” produce at Giant, it’s the poorly constructed, mediocre quality clothing at Urban Outfitters. It is easy to get sucked into main stream media and big brand advertising.  As a consumer with consumer power, I feel preyed upon in many areas of life, even in the music I choose to listen to.  I am a young person, looking at the world I live in, contemplating ways to make a difference.  It is imperative at this time in my life and in history, to be cognizant of how the world is becoming smaller and how I am willing, as an individual, to take my power back into my own hands.  If I do not seek a solution, I am part of the problem. This blog serves as a testimony, to document small lifestyle changes rippling into a greater effort; and the fun in feeling free.     

heads in the clouds


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